Monday, January 22, 2007
New in High Fashion for Men
The legging.

One hypenated word: icky-poo!

This is not masculine. In fact, the model in the picture that runs with the article could easily pass for an ugly girl. Boo!, I say, BOOOOOO!

Phoenix does not want her man to wear leggings, ever. Now, as a big fan of the revolutionary war period, I might like to see Prince Charming in some knee breeches while I wear a big ol' skirt and stays, but I'm not interested in seeing him in leggings. Or pantyhose, or a bra, or mascara, 'kay?

Oh, I can't wait to hear what Our Maximum Leader has to say about this! Somehow, I don't believe it would work well as a fashion statement with his bejeweled mylan cap.

Vote in the comments. Yay or nay for men in leggings?


posted by Phoenix | 12:04 PM


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