Monday, March 19, 2007
Blow Up or Get Sued: The New Catch 22
Cox and Forkum posted a cartoon on Friday that tells an important story. I didn't get it posted on Friday because of that thing that pays the bills (I'm not one of those paid bloggers, I do this shit for fun).

Here it is:

If you are not aware, you can read the back story at these two links.

Or, I'll just catch you up here. Once upon a time, six imams flew to Minnesota for a religious conference. They got there without incident. However, when they were trying to fly back, they apparently scared the bejeebus out of some other flying patrons.

Among the issues was the fact that they prayed as a group in the terminal, were vocally discussing Osama bin Laden, etc., and then played musical chairs onboard, claiming first class seats they weren't ticketed for, congregating in the aisle, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

The passengers overheard some things that made them uncomfortable and they reported it to the flight attendants who reported it to the pilot, who made the decision to boot the Flying Imams off the plain as a possible security risk. And then CAIR got involved. This would be the CAIR that is the equivalent of the NAACP - great ideals, bad follow-through. CAIR seems to be bent on aiding and abetting the enemy, playing the equivalent race card, and saying poo' poo' pitiful us, see how we suffer?

So now, these six Flying Imams are suing US Airways. Sonsabitches. And, if their lawsuit finds any traction at all, the consequences will be heinous. You will no longer be able to refuse service to anyone at will. You'll only be able to refuse service to wasps, lest you offend someone and be sued to kingdom come.

The message is clear. We've been told over and over and over again that security is everybody's job. It is your duty to report anything suspicious. And yet, now you should know that if you do, and you act on that perceived threat, you will be sued. Isn't that just peachy?

It is so ridiculous! I really feel for US Airways. They did the right thing. What other option did they have? They could have made an announcement over the PA system, I suppose. Something along the lines of:

"Ladies and Gentlemen: some of you have perceived a possible threat to the safety of this flight. We can not afford to do anything to examine or remove this possible threat due to the litigious nature of some. As such, we would invite you to deplane at this time, should you feel that your life is in jeopardy. We will do our absolute best to find you a flight that meets with less personal risk to you and your families. If this flight doesn't end up being our last, we will look forward to flying with you again."

I assure you, the race up the aisle would be fast and hard.


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