Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Cheddar-Fed Rabbit
Just thought I'd share this little tidbit that I uncovered in my morning google:

The RSPCA is stirring up fluff over a 35 pound rabbit named Amy. She is the pet/spokesbunny for Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Cheddar Cheese. Each morning, her breakfast is sprinkled with cheddar cheese and she's been going through what is politely termed "a growth spurt."

The RSPCA is quoted as having said, "It's irresponsible. Overfeeding is as cruel as starvation. They may enjoy eating cheese but it does not mean it's good for them."

Irresponsible? Maybe.

But "as cruel as starvation"? I doubt it. She sounds kid of happy munching on cheese each morning with her regular breakfast.

Still, a 35-lb bunny? Even Bunny Boop doesn't weigh that much.


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