Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Everybody Walk the Dinosaur
When you have a toddler there are lots of momentous days. Today, as it turns out, is one of those.

You see, for some considerable time Bunny Boop has been wearing soft-soled shoes like moccasins. In particular, she has been wearing the Robeez line of shoes ever since I discovered what wonderful - machine washable - products they have. Bunny has the Mary Janes and a pair of booties. I love them.

However, here the ground here in the great frozen north has begun to thaw and it is time for her to rediscover the out of doors. Unfortunately, mud is not my idea of a good medium for the Robeez shoes, no matter how washable they are. And, in my mind, it was time for some hard-soled shoes.

As such, I stopped at Babies R'Us on my way home from work yesterday and picked up a pair of tennis shoes. I also couldn't resist a pair of pink aquasocks and a cute hat for our trip to the island.

Interestingly, I tried them on Bunny when I got home. I should say that I tried to try them on. She wanted nothing to do with them. She didn't even want to touch them - which is very unusual.

But this did not stop me. This morning when I got her dressed I didn't put her shoes on. We went downstairs and had breakfast. As she was finishing her milk I slipped the tennis shoes on her little feet. She didn't like this much, but she couldn't stop me, positioned as she was in her highchair.

When she got down, she didn't want to walk. She cried, standing there in her new shoes. Then, she got down on her knees and crawled on the floor. This scared me. It was like taking 16 giant steps backward!

When she eventually tried to walk, she did so like a dinosaur, lumbering oddly like a miniature, cuter version of Frankenstein. And, she did this weird thing with her feet - a little shake - much like a dog who is walking in snow for the first time. Kind of funny.

She's still learning. Hopefully by the end of the day she will have mastered her big girl shoes.


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