Thursday, March 01, 2007
NIght Three: Continued Results
I am so freaking lucky.

Bunny Boop went to bed last night right on time, without a fuss or fight. Almost like she expected it. She did not go right to sleep, but that didn't seem to matter to her. There was some issue with the cd player (batteries dead on the crib-rail unit), so I had to get out my old bookshelf unit that I used to have in my office when I had an office. It is lovely. That fixed Bunny right up and she went off to dreamy land.

Around 2 am, she woke up again. I let her cry a bit, then restarted her cd via the handy remote. This satisfied her and she went back to sleep.

All told, a fabulous success. I honestly think it possible that she might sleep through the night uninterrupted given a few more days.

Seriously? Why did I wait so long to implement this plan?


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