Thursday, May 17, 2007
Movie Meme
Picked this one up from CTG.

In this little exercise, I'm supposed to choose 10 favorite movies, look them up in IMDB, and post the 5 plot key words so that you can try to guess which movies they are. Here goes nothing.

1. Limo / Chauffeur / Rich Girl / Independent Film

2. Girl Next Door / Love Letter / Independent Film

3. Novel / Costume Party / Character Name in Title / Title Spoken by Character / Independent Film

4. Male Female Relationship / England / Britain / Adultery / Book Publishing

5. Arranged Marriage / Loss of Loved One / Cliff / Storyteller / Old Man

6. Britain / Woman / Romance / Estate / 19th Century

7. Broadway Musical / Freedom / Slavery / Kukri Dagger / Ancient Rome

8. Bad Girl / Chorus Girl / Femme Fatale / Stylized / Scandal

9. Disbelieving Adult / Kidnapping / Chase / Hitman / Spy

10. Switchblade / Child Driving Car / Author / Brother / Military Official

I wouldn't say that they are my absolute favorites, but they rank up there.

Put your guesses in the comments.

Update: Christina thinks this is too hard and has modified the rules. To play along, I have done the same. The following list is of the same 10 movies. However, this time the clues are either names of characters or actors. Have at it!

1. Deborah, Battle, Howard, Witherspoon, Bone

2. Toni, Deborah Ann, C. Thomas, Lou, Roger

3. Jake, Desmond, Karen, Sid, Rodrigo

4. Renee, Gemma, Perpetua, Mark, Daniel

5. Buttercup, Cary, Max, Andre, Inigo

6. Colin, Elizabeth, Crispin, Lydia, Lady Catherine

7. Zero, Marcus, Hero, Buster, Miles

8. Taye, Velma, Fred, Amos, Christine

9. Davey, Dabney, Kim, Jack, Eunice

10. Jack, Joan, Danny, Ira, Zolo

Come on! That's easy.


posted by Phoenix | 8:54 AM


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

This is why I changed the rules.

I have no clue on any of them. If the first one had said poor girl, I would have said "Sabrina."


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Caltechgirl said...

8 is Chicago?
5 is Princess Bride

Clueless otherwise....

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Phoenix said...


You were right on both.


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