Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Even More on the Missing Passport
Have I mentioned that we applied for this passport over 11 weeks ago? I just thought it needed to be mentioned in case my bitching seemed disproportionate to the circumstances. When we applied it was taking 8 weeks to get passports. So, allotting 10 weeks seemed safe. But oh no!

Just not so.

So, now I am trying to get an appointment in Chicago for an emergency passport in case the one in New Orleans doesn't make it in time. But, and maybe now you'll start buying into my arguments about some national conspiracy, the automated phone system by which one would make an appointment to see somebody about a passport in an emergency situation (such as this one) - is down. That's right. NOT EVEN THE FUCKING PHONES ARE WORKING NOW!


Ridiculous, n'est-ce pas?

Is it possible that the State Department is really run by the French? Totally goddamn ineffective. Bastards.

And, prepare yourself, I have another blistering post to put up about les incompetents at the United States Post Office.

Yes, my blood pressure is a bit high. Why do you ask?
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