Monday, October 08, 2007
My Fault
Early in the college football season I thought there might be a chance that I had escaped culpability. Now? Now I know better.

Regular readers will perhaps remember that we are big Badger fans at Chez Villains Vanquished. Some would even say that Prince Charming is a rabid Badger fan. In the time that I have lived in Wisconsin, I too have become a fan. I love Barry Alvarez and am warming up to Bielema. I just love watching the team play.

Anyway, a few weeks prior to the start of the season something horrible happened in my house that seems to have been the unheeded harbinger of doom as concerns this season. Prince Charming allowed Bunny Boop to play with the Bucky Badger bobblehead doll that I had purchased for him a few years prior. Bunny Boop left it on the floor, under something innocuous, and then I came along and stepped on it. And, I'm sad to say, Bucky was decapitated. He bobbles no more.

So, you see, it is my fault that the Badgers have no fight in them in the first half of every game and have been scraping by with small wins until this past weekend. This past weekend proved the theory, if proof is to be found.

This weekend, we lost to the Illini. So what? So, this is my alma mater, that's what! A team that we almost always beat. A team that habitually has a chip on its shoulder. This is how I know it is all my fault. Had I not decapitated Bucky it might have been different. But, alas!

And we learn that Luke Swan the receiver from Prince Charming's hometown was not just injured in last weekend's game, but is now out for the season.

Seriously? That's some really bad luck. What can I do to clear the bad mojo? Must I glue Bucky's head back on? Must I sacrifice something with the Ohio State Logo on it?

I'll do whatever it takes!


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