Thursday, September 27, 2007
It is Official: My brain is mush
Bunny Boop likes cartoons. What kid doesn't? So, you can often find our television tuned to Nicktoons. In particular, we find that she loves SpongeBob Squarepants, tolerates Fairly Odd Parents, and sort of likes Jimmy Neutron. She also enjoys most of the Noggin cartoons like Backyardigans, Franklin, Little Bear, and yes, even Oobi. For whatever reason, we don't catch Play With Me Sesame anymore. I don't know when it is on, but we aren't tuning in - which is a shame because it is a nicely balanced program for toddlers (learning, concepts, music, etc).

SpongeBob, to my mind, is complete crap. It isn't funny. It isn't even watchable. I despise every spongey moment. To my way of thinking, Jimmy is where it is at. I could watch Jimmy for 2 hours. I just think it is more clever. The writers clearly enjoy their job because the plots are decent and the shows are chock full of funny. And, I really like the verbal sparring that goes on between Jimmy and his gal-pal Cindy Vortex.

It just scares me how 18 months ago I didn't even know where to find Nickelodeon, NickToons, and Noggin and now I'
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