Friday, September 21, 2007
Weekend Plans
And so begins another exciting weekend at Chez Villians Vanquished.

This evening, Prince Charming, Bunny and I are meeting an old high school friend of mine for a fish fry. He is just about the sweetest guy alive and still single. It breaks my heart that he can't find a woman who deserves him. I think he is still attracted to the not-nice girls who are looking for conquests, and once they've been there, "done that," they are outta there. He deserves a nice girl next door type and I suspect he keeps dating mean girls. You know what I mean? Not that I really know for sure, of course, because he doesn't tell me as much as he used to, but still....

When we return home, it will be bed for my Prince and Bunny and sewing for me. Still working on that Halloween costume every evening as time allows.

Saturday begins with Prince Charming taking my Jeep to get the freakin' window repaired so that I don't feel like I'm driving a jalopy and me ferrying Bunny to her hair appointment. Yes, her hair appointment. She has her very first all hers hair appointment. Yet another thing that makes me old. Then, I clean house. It is a never-ending battle to stay on top of the dust and detritus.

On Saturday night, it is college football time. We are having guests over to watch the Badgers beat Iowa. For food, we are planning a Mexican Fiesta with fajitas, tacos, and my not-yet-famous enchiladas. Yummmmy! Oh, and a chocolate cake. I must also find time this weekend to bake two batches of cookies for Monday's meeting and buy paint for the living room and master bedroom. It might be over-ambitious, but I'd like to wash the walls in the master to prep them for paint. I'm telling you, if there were an extra day in the week I could get so much done!

That's all I've got.
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