Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Violation: Rat Tail
I'm not usually a member of the fashion police, but I saw something today that was just awful. Horrible. Shiver-inducing, even.

I encountered a man in my morning amble for a caffeinated beverage who needs to let go. I only saw him from the back, but that was enough.

The man had a rat tail. And, not just any rat tail - but an incredibly looooooong rat tail. This tail reached past the man's belt. And, it was braided. And before you ask, no, it wasn't just a case of a man with long hair that was braided. The man's hair was very short everywhere else, but at the nape of his neck a lock had been allowed to grow and grow and grow and grow. His braid, at the base of his neck, was easily an inch in diameter. And there's more! The braid had been dyed an orangey-red color on one side, so the different dark-brown/orangey-red wove in and out, bringing all the more attention to the thing. Picturing it? At the tail end, the thing was sort of ratty and clearly had split ends. And, I imagine that unbraided, the length would easily reach to the middle of his posterior.

Maybe it was a religious thing from a religion that I'm unfamiliar with. Maybe he's trying to make a fashion statement. Maybe he's trying to revive the rat tail. Heaven knows. All I know is that it was...icky. Just icky. It wasn't scary, it wasn't obscene, it was just icky. Maybe the mullet will come back next!

And that is the end of my screed, of this rat tale.


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