Wednesday, January 09, 2008
New Hampshire
Another day, another uber-important step in the 2008 presidential election process.

I am the bazillionth person to report it, but Clinton beat out Obama and McCain beat Romney.

God knows I'm no fan of Clinton (either of them), but a little part of me did a giddy happy dance to see Obamessiah get beaten. Yes, I am that petty.

McCain beat Romney which is also good, I feel, because it takes the "mandate" away from Huckabee while also proving elections aren't all about money.

I remain worried about Fred. He needs to take South Carolina. And not just take it, he needs to run through South Carolina like Katie Holmes goes through Niemann-Marcus, if you know what I mean. I've already donated to Fred's campaign and may end up doing some phone work too, if I can find the time.

If you happen to live in South Carolina, please consider giving Fred your vote in the primary. He's the only true conservative in the field.
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