Friday, March 07, 2008
All the news wrapped up in a convenient package...
I am a bad bad blogger.

Here it is Friday and this is my first post of the week. What can I say? Real life sometimes gets in the way of my online activities. Shocking, I know. So, this post is sort of a catch-up of everything for at least the last five days.

Did I mention how this winter just continues to insult me? Oh, yeah. The sun finally came out and melted a bit of the snow, leaving wetness on some surfaces. Then, we dipped back down into godforsaken temperatures and the wetness turned to ice. Perhaps you see where this is going? Yeah. I slipped and fell outside of my office building. Wiped out like you wouldn't believe. It hurt right away too, and not just my "pride" if you know what I mean. My right ankle and leg were in so much pain that I just sat there on the sidewalk for about five minutes, pants getting wet. I eventually figured a way to get up - it hurt so much I was afraid that I had broken something (I've never broken a bone so I don't know how it feels) - and that mother REALLY hurt. So, I've been nursing a sprained ankle all week.

And then, on Monday afternoon, I came down with this stomach bug and it has been plaguing me ever since. So, that's nice.

Work has been very busy. I've been on a project that's filled up the spare minutes. And then some.

We are toying with the idea of putting up crown moulding in our master bedroom. That's nice.

I burned my left index finger on a pan last night. Hurts bad. Probably won't be fatal.

Bunny Boop's vocabulary continues to grow. What a treat she is! She swiped a cupcake off of the counter last night, the minx.

We are heading to the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow to partake of the waterparks. Bunny Boop's going to play and play and play.

That's about it on the personal front.
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