Friday, February 15, 2008
Important Alert
Cynics will think I'm linking to this story because of the illegal status of the perpetrator, but that is not my focus.

All too often, we women tend to do what is expected of us and that get's us into trouble. When there are flashing lights behind you, you are supposed to pull over. Had I not once been in a similar situation (which I'll retell if commentors request it), this might not have been posted.

But, in the day and age of cell phones, we have a tool that will help keep us safe. Far better to call 911 and confirm that the suspicious car with the flashing lights is a cop, than be in the trunk of some vehicle, tied up, and desperately trying to find your cell phone.

Read the whole thing.

Keep yourself safe.

h/t: Michelle Malkin


posted by Phoenix | 9:33 AM


At 7:00 PM, Blogger Lucy Alexander said...

I would very much like to hear the similar situation that you were in, if that's not asking too much.


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