Monday, July 14, 2008
Late Report
I'm home with Bunny Boop today. The babysitter is laid up with some as-yet-unknown malady in the hospital. Anyway, since the toddler is napping (Yee Haw!), I have some time to blog. Whaddaya know, eh?

This weekend was our big Murder Mystery Party. And, I must admit, it was a huge success. And, this isn't my own personal bias talking either. To a one, every single guest arrived in costume and excited by the prospect of the game. And the actors emerged!

One such participant proved some deeply hidden skills, indeed! This man, we'll call him "D" portrayed two characters - the murder victim and another. The murder victim character, he played it to a tee! He was bigger than life and deep in character from the moment he arrived until the moment he slumped over at the table.

Other participants really got into their characters too, but there are just too many to elaborate on. Even so, the most telling point of how much fun was had by all, was the fact that my husband (who usually thinks these things are a giant waste of time) had a blast and admitted as much to me more than once. The last of the guests didn't leave until about 2 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. And a great many of them were quick to ask when we would have another murder mystery party. But, I need some time to recuperate from this one.

Personally, and despite the fun had by all, my fun was a bit muted. I :had a horrendous headache that only built as the night wore on and I'm afraid that it dulled my enjoyment more than a bit. I tried not to let on so that my guests would enjoy themselves, but I was frazzled. And the menu suffered for it.

I was so distracted by the headache and trying to keep the game moving forward, that I completely forgot to put out the veggies and dip and the guacamole! This is an amateur mistake! I am appalled with myself!

And, in a real first, I was up the next morning before 6 am. I was having nightmares and still had the headache, so I got up and started doing the dishes. Ordinarily it is my husband that gets up early the morning after and does the cleaning. Not this time! I totally impressed him and got the kitchen cleaned up and everything put away before he got 9:30! If you knew him, you would know how big a deal it was that he slept that late. I made five individual breakfasts as our houseguests staggered out of bed...and then fell asleep on the couch.

We may have to hold off on this type of party for a while, however. Bunny Boop woke up several times during the night due to the noise and ended up napping with me on Sunday like she had been a participant too. Or, maybe next time we just keep the shrieking in check (it was really just one guest, who I love, but who was really getting into her character) a bit better.

Anyway, I want to work on getting all of the feathers off of the floor, so this will have to be the end of this post.
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At 9:27 AM, Blogger Mystery Maiden said...

Sounds like your party was a great success! Isn't it funny how we hosts tend to hide our own maladies for the good of our guests, sort of like a mother does for her children? haha.

Leigh Clements
The Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark


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