Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Blagojevich, Rezko, Obama, Oh MY!

It so totally sucks to be Obama yesterday and today.

On the one hand, you are the President-Elect and people can't smell the shit you are shoveling. On the other hand, your neighbor and buddy in a sketchy land deal, Tony Rezko, is singing like an Italian diva and another crony has just been arrested on Federal charges. Guilty or not, he's from your home state and it speaks to a level of corruption that can't help but taint your office, even if only by association.

And this girl, for one, suspects that it goes much deeper than association.

Still, you have to feel almost sorry for The One. He's getting an early taste of the fall that cometh.

But, you know, even Jesus got nailed to the cross. I guess The One may just go the same way.*

*(For the record, I'm just riffing on the whole "The One" with the halo, the Christ's Second Coming craziness from the Obamabots).
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