Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Forgive Me, Readers, for I have not blogged
It has been, what?, a week since my last post.

Things are finally, finally, slowing down for me.

Christmas shopping is done, though wrapping remains to be done.
Christmas cookies are baked, sorted, and shipped to deserving recipients.
Christmas letters are written, addressed, and in the mail.
Work is mostly caught up, though there is always more to do.

I need to give a shout out to my good friend Christina who sent me a lovely hand-knit scarf for my birthday. It is absolutely as beautiful as I would have expected, knowing her to be a type-A personality like myself. It is good to have good friends.

Speaking of good friends, we had dinner out with friends and family this weekend to celebrate my birthday. We had a wonderful time. It is nice to go out every now and again.

Speaking of lovely gifts, SpySistah gifted me with the bounty of a subscription to Cuisine at Home and Bon Appetit. We'll be stimulating the creative process on a monthly basis now! Yippee!

And now, to the depressing bits...

Fucking crap weather. It is December 10, still 10 days from "winter", and by my husband's yardstick, we've already had 20 inches of snow.

I can not even begin to express how UNfunny this is. We are well on our way to breaking last year's record 100+ inches of snow. The whole point of "Spring", "Summer", and "Fall" in Wisconsin is to make you forget about the 7 months of winter. This year, that concept was a colossal failure. The 100+ inches of snow is still vivid in my brain, like it happened yesterday.

Of course, I was stuck at home yesterday, snowed in, but even so!

Seriously, this makes me believe that sometime this winter we'll be hearing stories of "snow rage". And, it reminds me of this post from last year, which was funny at the time, but isn't so much so now. It alarms me that I'm already at Stage 4 or Stage 5.

We might discover a Stage 8 yet!
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At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

Delighted you like the scarf. I hope it keeps you warm.

Looking at the list you are way ahead of the curve. Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments.

As to the snow, I really do not know what to say.

You rock!


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