Friday, January 23, 2009
Please don't tell me you are surprised
It is Day Four of the Obama Administration and, whaddaya know, the press is bristling under the broken promises.

These lackeys polished The One's knob on a regular basis and expected "transparency."

According to all sorts of reports, what the White House Press Corps is getting is more of the same.

It turns out, they were told that they were not going to be able to refer to some sources by name. They were also not allowed to interview The One on Inaguration Day. That exclusive right belonged to ABC for their sponsorship of a ball on Inaguration night, a scheme one member of the press claimed was akin to "pay to play."

The press corps was also peeved at not being invited to the re-do on Obama's oath-taking and the only recordings/photos of the event were from the White House photographer. The same was true of Obama's first photos of him behind the Resolute Desk. No press invited, "here's the photo, boys, sorry you couldn't be there."

It certainly comes as no surprise to me that Obama is guarding his image so closely. I mean, he's the second coming of Christ, The One, The Messiah, Bigger than the Beatles, etc. You don't want just anybody snapping pics of the Anointed One. For god's sake, next thing you know we'll be expecting him to be answerable to The People. The Obama doesn't answer to the hoi polloi, he governs by divine right, isn't that what I've read?

In the most telling exchange of them all, comes the news that on a quick stop into the Press Room to say hello, Obama refused to answer a question about the inconsistency with him hiring a lobbyist when he had sworn he wouldn't.

"Ahh, see," he said, "I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can't end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I'm going to get grilled every time I come down here."
I suppose Mr. Obama is just not prepared to answer questions about hypocrisy right now. Perhaps you can submit your questions along with one of those "any embarrassing things in your closet?" applications and see if you don't have an answer by...2012.

And, since we're discussing The President, let's face facts: he isn't going to chase down our enemies. I suppose we should start the clock until the next major terrorist attack on Americans. Clearly, Obama doesn't care how many of us bin Laden and his people kill. Acceptable losses to Obama, so long as we don't waterboard any murderous terrorists. Obama has put a moratorium on the trials at Gitmo. Maybe he'll actually bring all of those assholes into the States and put them in regular prisons. That way it will be so much easier for them to break out and kill more Americans. Good plan! Why, it is a wonder bin Laden didn't think of it!

Look, people, these people are not going to be rehabilitated. When we release them, figuring they are no longer a threat, they quickly return to the battleground. We are never going to stop them if we just keep sending them back to their killing. News out this morning is that al Qaeda's #2 in Yemen was, until recently, a member of the GTMO country club for rehabilitated jihadists. You can not treat terrorists like people with parking tickets! Do 3,000 more Americans have to die before Obama gets it?!?

Al Qaeda doesn't want to have tea parties in freedom, they are dead set, literally, on the extermination of Americans. Doesn't matter what color your socks or undies, whether you are a sympathizer or not: If you are an American, you must die.

Wake me up when The President grows a set, please. I've gotta go buy ammo.

If only "hope 'n change" came with a happy pill...
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