Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I'm slowly turning to an old curmudgeon.

There is a grocery chain here in the area that has a slogan that makes me gnash my teeth everytime I hear it. The slogan basically boils down to...

"Better prices from Better People, because we're employee-owned."

The moral superiority of that, well...it defines the experience of living in/near Madison, WI.

You should shop from Better People, afterall, and if you don't YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

It is the Cone of Shame for you, you vile user you.

My biggest problem with them is not the slogan, however. When we first moved to the area, I shopped at one of the stores once. Just once.

I decided that any place that hid the dairy case, in the Dairy State, was no place I had the time to shop. Seriously.

I went through the store in the normal fashion, following the prescribed layout and plan of traffic flow and never found the dairy. Where's the milk? Where's the yogurt? Where's the goddamn sour cream?

I was forced to ask one of the extremely unhelpful "better people" who pointed me in the right direction in a condescending manner that was extremely off-putting.

Haven't been back. Not even a little bit sorry.

I'm proud to be patronizing the Lesser People and propping up Corporate America.

Suck on that, Better People.
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At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

Having been an employee, a manager, and now a business owner, I can honestly tell you that "employee-owned" is a scary concept, considering employees don't know jack about ownership. That's why they're employees. If they were good at running a business, they wouldn't be working for other people.


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