Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Obamacare on the Ropes
One of the downsides of playing with the big boys is you don't have time for other things.

Blogging, sadly, is one of those things.

But, I have to take a moment and express my love, love, LOVE for Matt Drudge and his minions.

Currently on the Drudge Report are the following linked stories:

In the UK, that bastion of socialized medicine, a woman gave birth on the sidewalk because she was denied an ambulance. Lovely. Incidentally, this was the woman's fourth child. She went into labor early and knew from experience that there wasn't time to walk to the hospital or get a lift from somewhere else, as instructed by the maternity ward. Key quote:

"They said they were not sending an ambulance and told me I had had nine months to sort out a lift."

That's compassion for you. Coming soon to the US healthcare system, brought to you by Obama and the letters S, U, C, and K.

Next up in our Socialized Medicine Roundup...the Canadian socialized healthcare system is in such financial trouble that more than 6,000 medically necessary surgeries are proposed to be cut. That's not tummy tucks and Obama's famed elective tonsilectomies, that's medically necessary surgeries such as "neurosurgery" and "treatment for vascular diseases."

So, if your brain is malfunctioning or if your arteries are blocked and you live in Vancouver, pack your bags and book your flight to the USofA while you still can.

Oh, I know, the article is clear to point out that it isn't final, that these measures are just being planned. But, you know what? This is what happens with socialized medicine. Eventually you run out of money for critical services and have to start rationing care. What concerns me is the budget shortfall means serious cuts of the life-and-death sort. All sorts of jobs are expected to be lost as a matter of course, another bonus.

And yet, socialized, government-run healthcare is supposed to be the morally "right" thing, an imperative. It is what Dear Leader wants for all us hicks in the sticks. So, either Obama's been smokin' his breakfast, or he wants to consign us all to lines where we wait to die, suffering in pain the whole way.


And, lest you start believing the White House spin that regular-joes protesting Obamacare at town halls are just imported hired protestors who are clearly plants because they are dressed too well to be believed, here's the proof in the pudding to the otherwise. The AARP has lost about 60,000 members since July 1 over their support for Obamacare. It seems our seniors don't all have dementia and aren't ready for Obama's plans to deny them care because they are nearing the end of their lives. Can you imagine? These unpatriotic grannies and paw-paws are not willing to just take Obama's shaft. Instead, they are doing what they can to make their point. Good on them. The AARP assures us that this always happens when they advocate controversial positions, that they lose 300,000 members in a normal month, etc. Still, enjoying a bit of schadenfreude with my poptart this morning.

As an interesting if obliquely related tidbit, comes the results of a Gallup poll indicating that Obama has made real progress...converting people to the Conservative cause.
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