Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The End of a Long Long Long Nightmare
I don't think anybody still reads this blog, but I'm going to post anyway.

So, yesterday was big, huh?

Do you think Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave?

Taxachussetts elects a Republican to the seat he kept warm for so long. I'm giddy with joy, let me tell you.

Ever since the Obamabots started shouting at people in the streets and since chump change was counted in the trillions, I've been depressed.

I've felt since before The One was inaugurated that his "hope and change" was really "no-hope and chains." Irresponsible spending, to my mind, was enslaving the American people. I thought that only I and a few hundred thousand people remained that got the simple premise that you can't spend your way out of debt. I thought that I was alone in my belief that government should answer to the people and be limited in its power. I thought that I was alone in my view that this President and his Chicago machine politics way of breaking eggs and breaking arms was exactly the wrong thing for this country which has long been a meritocracy.

Learning that there are still sensible people in MA, why, it almost made me cry with relief. Maybe the next seven generations won't be enslaved by Obama's arrogance. Maybe this country won't turn into a banana republic. Maybe we can avoid this national year-long nightmare and return to some fiscal responsibility, roll up our sleeves, and do the hard work of getting this country back on track.

I, for one, am overjoyed at the news. I look forward to multiple repeats in November. There's a whole lot of dead wood in DC and I urge the national electorate to go to work with the pruning shears.

I can finally breathe deep again!

We're no longer living in the USSR!

Wake up and smell the results, Nancy, Harry, and Mr. President. It is time to stop acting like you are the Kings and Queens of the world and start listening to the people.

You serve at the pleasure of the American Electorate and we're done giving you fuckers a pass.

Retire, get right, or we're sending your asses home.
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