Friday, September 11, 2009
Remembering: Sergeant Major Lacey B. Ivory
September 11, 2001 was a day that I cannot forget. So many innocents were struck down as they were going about their daily routines.

Today, I remember Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory of the US Army as part of Project 2,996.

Sgt. Maj. Lacey Ivory was at work in the Pentagon like usual on that fateful day. When American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, Sgt. Maj. Ivory was in a meeting in Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude's office. That man also perished that day.

By all accounts, the Sergeant Major was a very hard worker who greatly valued education. He worked hard and rose in the ranks, finally attaining a position in the Pentagon one year before his death. He pursued his education as he developed his career, eventually earning a Master's in Education with a concentration in counseling. His wife tells an anecdote about him earning the degree. He earned the degree in Germany while posted there but had been reassigned to Colorado Springs before crossing the stage to accept his diploma. He insisted, however, that he and his wife return to Germany for the ceremony, however. He wanted that moment that he'd worked so hard for. His wife also shared the Sergeant Major's plans to someday return to his hometown of Kansas City and help kids.

Lacey Ivory was from Kansas City, MO originally. He still has family in the Kansas City area and many still remember him fondly. Although, that is not something that is unique to Kansas City. In the 24 years he was with the Army, he and his wife Deborah traveled the country and the world. He made lasting impressions everywhere he went.

In researching this post, I came across so many people whose lives he had touched. His sister and nieces miss him terribly. Young recruits remember him warmly, speaking of his leadership and his love for his soldiers. They speak of him as a model soldier and an excellent role model. I ran across co-workers who missed his easy camaraderie. I ran across one woman who shared how he had served to help her in the most difficult time of her life: her husband's deployment to the Persian Gulf. The Sergeant Major helped her stay positive, reassuring her that her husband would come home safely.

This was the man. Professional soldier, leader of men, role model, student, educator, counselor, husband, father, beloved uncle and son.

He leaves behind his wife and two children, his mother, sisters, and nieces. God bless him and his family and all of the lives he touched.

I remember Sergeant Major Lacey B. Ivory. A hero in many respects.

If you remember Sgt. Maj. Lacey Ivory, please feel free to leave a comment.

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