Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Saw this article and had to link it.

They've found the fabled Rodents of Unusual Size!

No humans have ever settled in the remote crater, but the Bosavi woolly rat — a vegetarian rodent that measures almost three feet in length — calls the crater home.

Dr. George McGavin, head scientist for the BBC Natural History Unit, said the rodent is thought to live nowhere else in the world and appeared to have no fear of humans.

"It just sat next to me nibbling on a piece of leaf. It won't have seen a human before," McGavin said. "The crater of Bosavi really is the lost world."

Along with the three-pound rat, scientists say they have discovered many new creatures in the lush rainforest habitat, including the world's smallest parrot, a frog with fangs, a fish that grunts and a very hairy caterpillar.

So, we've got R.O.U.S.'s and pirates...I wonder when the Six Fingered Man will make an appearance or we'll discover the other terrors of the Fire Swamp.

Nothing seems "inconceivable" now that Obama's in the White House, I guess.
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