Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Mommy & Me
Week Eleven. A very exciting week, all told. This is what the experts have to say:
I'm a Fetus!
Starting with this week, the baby is now called a fetus. The most critical
part of the baby's development is over. This is a period of rapid growth, and
the baby is about an inch or so in length at the beginning of the week and will
be about 2 inches by the end of the week. The baby's head is about half its
length. The eyelids will fuse shut, and the irises will begin to develop.
Sometime during this week or the next week, blood will begin to circulate
between the baby and uterus and the placenta starts to function.

Which is all very exciting, I think you'll agree. Mommy, however, has been feeling rotten. I didn't post yesterday because I was busy puking. I puked before leaving the house. I puked three times at work. I projectile vomited Propel water, for heaven's sake! Ug. I suspect that the reason I was sick at work yesterday THREE DAMN TIMES, (insert puppy-dog eyes and desperate plea for pity here), was because the powers that be left the air conditioning in the office all weekend and decided it was unnecessary yesterday too.

Let me disabuse you of a few easily made assumptions. You might think that this would be no big deal, the weather was fine all weekend and only got slightly above 80 degrees yesterday. But you don't know the half of it! You see, we have these halogen lights beating down on us all day. They are very chic, but very hot. I have 4 of these things over my desk alone. I also have a huge window that I face all day. The view is great, but in the afternoons, the western sky is filled with the sun and I get to squint into it while it bakes my brain. (No blinds on our windows yet.) Add to those two heat sources the significant heat put off by the electronic equipment in the room. For example, I have two monitors, a pc, an adding machine, a printer, and a time-stamper at my desk. Every desk in here has at least two monitors, some more, and some have more than one computer. All of this electrical equipment adds to the heat. And yesterday there was no breeze either. So, the effective temperature in the room was 90 degrees and it was killing me, making me pukey.

This morning, I turned on the a/c first thing. I simply couldn't do that again today.

I'm not quite as tired as I once was, but I'm hungry more often. I get irritable if you even suggest I wait 5 minutes to eat. I'm tired of feeling icky all the time. Prince Charming is patiently dealing with it all, like a Saint, which only makes me feel worse.

This too shall pass, I hope.
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