Monday, October 03, 2005
Mommy & Me
Week 26 is here. Yahoo! It definitely feels like we are on the downhill side of this thing. Anyhoo, Week 26, according to the experts, is all about:

Your baby could weigh about two pounds now and be around 9 inches long (crown of the head to the rump). As the blood vessels in the lungs began last week, the air sacs in the lungs begin this week. The lungs begin to secrete surfactant which covers the inner lining of the air sacs which then allows the lungs to expand normally during breathing.

Besides the active lung growth, the brain kicks in with brain wave activity for the visual and auditory systems.

Which I find extremely exciting. I mean lungs and brain activity? Very cool.

I believe the two pounds estimate. Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying a watermelon without the use of my hands. Tricky.

I received the first of our baby shower gifts over the weekend. It was a baby monitor system from my cousin's wife. Prince Charming took one look at it and laughed. He didn't feel that the video monitor was necessary.

But I think it was! I'm a first time mom. So shoot me if I think that I'd like to be able to look at the baby instead of walking into her room to make sure she's okay. Okay, maybe it is a little over the top. But I've never done this before and I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. As far as I'm concerned, technology is your friend. If I feel that I don't need it later on, I can turn the video off.

The fears have set in. Now I'm thinking of the possibility, remote though it is, that I could die during childbirth. Or worse, what I like to call my "Lifetime Movie" fear: that the baby will be abducted from the hospital.

Now, I know that both fears are irrational. But, you see, I've always feared that next big step in my life, convinced that I'd be dead before I got there. I was certain that I'd be dead before High School, College, Marriage.... It isn't like I have some medical condition and have been living on borrowed time. I'm just weird that way. So this fear is just something I've grown accustomed to. I also know that I have some of the best doctors and medical staff in the state looking out for me, so that also makes me feel better.

My Lifetime Movie fear is also ridiculous, but there it is. I am aware that both mother and child are given some sort of radio beacon bracelets that sound an alarm if you get too close to an elevator or exit. I also know that the hospital where we'll be giving birth leaves the baby in the mother's room unless there are complications. Still, I fear it.

I am looking forward to the baby shower that SpySistah is throwing me. How amazing is she, huh? Busy jumping into the fray and making the world safe for democracy, and she still has time to throw a baby shower when she's living outside of the country. Anyhoo, very excited. Still have to pick up the crib and "some assembly required", but other than a quick organize and a few last minute additions, we are ready.


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At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:53 AM, Blogger amelie said...

that's so awesome! kudos to SpySistah

..and i know quite a number of people with "Lifetime Movie" fear -- and some of them aren't even pregnant yet!

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous silk said...

Ok firstly spamming a baby post is just sooo low!

Second and definately more will be beautiful and healthy, mommy will be beautiful and healthy, daddy will probably be a bit worse for wear...but all will go home as a happy family! I predict it. x


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