Monday, October 10, 2005
Mommy & Me
(To be read in a halting manner, a la William Shatner)

Mommy's Log: Star date Week 27 of this arduous journey.

We have entered the wormhole that is the final week of the second trimester. From Saturday next, it will be a whole new star system: the Third Trimester.

The computer research conducted by my faithful staff indicates the following bumps along this last part of this second leg of the journey:

During this week, the brain continues its rapid growth, and the lungs continue to grow. Eyelids begin to open, and the retinas begin to form. The baby will grow over 1/2 inch this week and will be about 1 1/3 feet long (from crown of head to the toes or 9.6 inches from crown to rump)!

End Channeling of William Shatner.

All of which is very exciting. More brain growth, lungs are always good. Eyelids opening and retinas! Groovy.

On a personal level, I have a few new things to report. The first of which belly has begun to itch. Now, my research suggests that this is because the skin is stretching to cover baby's development pod. So, I have been slathering myself with coco butter lotion. Unfortunately, the brand I bought smells sorta...foul. It doesn't appear that smell was one of the key quality and design issues. Oh well. Could be worse, I guess.

Of particular note is the itching that is taking place around my belly button. I used to have a really cute belly button, but that all changed when they removed my gall bladder. I had it removed laproscopically which, long story shortened, means that I have a scar inside my belly button. The scar tissue hardened and caused my previously cute and round belly button to flatten out in parallel with the scar tissue. Now, that scar tissue is itching. Egad! Whatevah shall ah do?

Other than that, I can report that it really is easier to lose my breath and that getting out of bed is becoming a growing problem. I have to sleep in the nude, with only a sheet, 'cause I just get too damn hot in the night. I despise sweating in my sleep. That's just nasty.

I haven't really experienced that huge appetite kick-in yet. If anything, my appetite has declined. Other than that, we are both well.


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At 2:21 PM, Blogger amelie said...

sounds like one ship is running smoothly, and will make a safe berth one day!

; )


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