Friday, October 07, 2005
More Proof that the UN, the IAEA, and the Nobel Committee huff glue

Those troll ass-sniffing idiots on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee have decided that the big prize should be awarded to the International Atomic Energy Agency and it's sniffer-in-chief, Mohamed ElBaradei.

Quelle suprise.

The UN is nothing but a corrupt and ineffectual body of international sewer rats, feeding on the rotting carcasses of the world. The IAEA is so ineffectual that they are unable to enforce anything, get thrown out of the penny-ante third world hell hole's they are supposed to be "inspecting" by power-hungry megalomaniacs, and have been wholly unable to do the first damn thing to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

But, in the grand tradition of the Nobel Peace Prize, they must be lauded, feted, and celebrated for their grand failures. Hooray.

Who is really stopping the proliferation of nukes? Let's consider:

Libya had developed a nuclear weapons program while the UN and the IAEA dined on tea and crumpets and sang "lolly-lolly." It wasn't until Uncle Sam took his boys and the Coalition of the Tired of Getting Deceived, Threatened, and Lied To to the sandy fields of Iraq to call Saddam on his murderous, thieving, lying, illegal agenda that Qaddafi got some religion and admitted to his own misdeeds and turned his program over to the US.

We can't really credit the UN (who stood in the way, blocking the door to Iraq) or the IAEA for this, now can we?

The IAEA hasn't been able to stop Iran or North Korea.

They certainly didn't capture or catch Pakistan's Dr. A Q Khan or shut down his little bargain-basement nuclear-secrets-at-a-discount road-side stand. Again, this was a product of the Libyan shut-down.

But by all means, let us celebrate their mediocrity and outright failures. Why not? Next year maybe they'll give it to someone really deserving of a Peace Prize - like Osama bin Laden. After all, his agenda is really all about the spread of Islam and the destruction of the infidels. And, of course, Islam is all about peace.


h/t: MSNBC
posted by Phoenix | 9:24 AM


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Caltechgirl said...

That may be the best title and first line I've read in weeks.

Thanks for the laugh :)


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