Wednesday, October 19, 2005
The Nice Side of Pregnancy
Now that people can tell I'm expecting, I find that there is a pleasant phenomenon taking place.

I call it Pregnancy Courtesy.

For some reason, people are increasingly pleasant and courteous to me. It is as though my belly has swollen and is emitting happy chemicals which are confounding the otherwise rude predilictions of the strangers I meet.

Men open doors for me, even when they are not actually ready to enter or exit themselves. People offer to carry things for me. Perfect strangers go out of their way to say hello to me and inquire as to my state. People let me jump in front of them in line.

It is like being a movie star or member of royalty, without all of the paparazzi.

It is quite lovely if you can get past the idea that people are treating you like some fat princess. Me? I don't mind at all. However, nobody has yet tried to reach out and touch my belly either. That unfortunate soul will pull back a bloody stump for his troubles, and be an object lesson for the rest of them.
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