Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Last night I was watching The Amazing Race (because it comes on after hottie mchothot Mark Harmon's show NCIS) and heard the most profoundly stupid statement.

For those of you not tuning into this insipid idiocy (for some reason, this season is crap where previous seasons were actually about the race), this season has families of four racing but only within the United States.


Last night's episode had the families running around in Mississippi and Louisiana. One of the mothers (I swear to God) said the following:

"Lake Pontchartrain...that's one of the Great Lakes."

I kid you not.

How freakin' stupid do you have to be to make this statement? I mean, come on! This is 4th grade stuff!

So, in the Villains Vanquished way, we will now provide the following public service, by way of reminding you of your 4th grade teacher and the mnemonic "HOMES."

You can remember the 5 Lakes that comprise the Great Lakes by remembering "HOMES."

H is for Lake Huron
O is for Lake Ontario
M is for Lake Michigan
E is for Lake Erie
S is for Lake Superior

For those of you who didn't need reminding, I beg your indulgence. For those of you that did need reminding, well...GET A FRICKIN' CLUE!

We shall return now to our regularly scheduled pissing and moaning.
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At 11:11 PM, Blogger amelie said...

i HATE when people tack an extra lake onto that, as though no one would notice!


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