Monday, October 17, 2005
Mommy & Me
Week 28. Thank goodness! We've finally arrived at the third trimester. Only 3 more months to go. The experts say that this week is all about:
Our little miracle is growing and developing at an astonishing rate!
Eyebrows and eyelashes are now present, and the hair on the head is growing. The
eyelids open, and the eyes are completely formed. The body is getting plumper
and rounder (weighs about 2 pounds) and is composed of around 2 to 3% body fat.
Muscle tone is gradually improving. The lungs are capable of breathing air but
if the baby is born now, it would struggle to properly breathe. Be sure to talk
to your baby a lot because s/he can recognize your voice now!

Voice recognition. Isn't that cool? What do you think it must be like? Floating along, sucking your thumb, listening to someone you haven't yet met the outside of? Weird.

We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I get to drink Glucola and then sit on my hands for an hour. That'll be fun. I'll let you know how it all went tomorrow.


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At 11:18 PM, Blogger amelie said...

three months to go, eh? that puts you right around a very *special* time [well, for me at least] !

yay for voice recognition!


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