Friday, November 04, 2005
Paris is Burning
At least, the suburbs are. They've had rioting and French "youths" running amok for several nights now. It is difficult to glean anything about these French "youths" from the media portrayals, but if you read the footnotes, you learn that these are Muslim immigrants from Africa. Apparently, France has the largest population of Muslim immigrants in Europe. More to the point, all of that socialism isn't doing enough to appease these groups. The brouhaha all began when police chased 2 boys in one of the suburbs. These two, I'm sure innocent, young fellows hid from the police in a substation of some sort and were, from what I've read, accidentally electrocuted.

And the mob lifted up to protest the murders.

Like a wild fire, these protests (if you can call dousing a disabled women in gasoline and setting her on fire a protest) are now spreading to other French cities. French authorities seem to be having some difficulties regaining control.

Excellent coverage of this by the Expat Yank. Just keep on scrolling down.
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