Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Current Events Coffee Talk
Pertinent to the development highlighted in this post, I am now going to provide the following current events heads up to those who want to know.

1. In case you were not aware, President Bush skipped over my own meritorious service and instead chose to replace Harriet Miers as a nominee to the Supreme Court with Mr. Samuel Alito, a judge from the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. He was confirmed unanimously to this position by a Democrat-controlled Senate back in 1990, or something, when President George H. W. Bush nominated him. He has served on this bench since that time and his views are of a decidedly conservative bent. (Go figure.) His positions and views have been called Scalia-esque for the way the two men seem to see eye to eye on many key issues. Two major positions of note include gun rights and abortion. In a landmark case, Alito dissented with the other justices of the 3rd Circuit (not uncommon as he was the one lone voice of conservatism) and felt that a woman should discuss an abortion with her husband prior to having one. The second issue is one sure to really piss off the Liberal Panty-Wringers. Justice Alito apparently has questioned the Constitutionality of such laws as the one that makes civilian ownership of machine guns illegal. He believes (or so I understand) that the 2nd Amendment moves this issue out of the hands of the Federal Government and places it with the people and the states. You should also know that Democrats are mad as hell about this nomination and are vowing to go to the mattresses.

2. Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Royal Whore/Wife are visiting the USA. In grand Euro tradition, he has a message. He feels that we Americans or Yanks are much too confrontational when it comes to Muslims and Islam. Yes! This man, whose sole claim to any right to speak has to do with who his mama is, and whose grandest aim is to become Camilla's tampon feels so morally superior as to provide the spanking we Yanks so desperately need. Charlie must have missed the details of the tragedy of September 11th or something. Maybe he thinks those jets were hijacked by Baptists, or something. I don't know. All I know is, the stupid fuckwit ought to do his preening at home. We feel justified in our feelings by the horrendous murder and visitation of violence upon civilians by an un-uniformed cadre of a group who would see us all exterminated. Prince Charlie may see a way for one people to become enslaved/exterminated by another group and like it, but I don't and neither do most Americans. You may want to kill me, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna go quietly.

3. The Fed has raised rates another 1/4 point.

4. The Democrats are throwing a much-publicized temper tantrum.
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