Tuesday, June 13, 2006
I am appalled! Appalled I tell you!
Surely it can not be!

Canada is too fine a country, known worldwide for it's dhimmitude. It can't possibly be that they are torturing their terrorists! I refuse to believe it.
Tiny solitary cells under constant illumination, a mere 20 minutes of fresh air daily, and beatings at the hands of guards are indicative of the "torture"
endured by some of the 17 people accused of plotting terrorist attacks in Canada, lawyers for the group said Monday.

The allegations of "cruel and unusual punishment" came as the court imposed a blanket publication ban on the legal proceedings, preventing the public from learning of any further evidence in a case of stunning allegations that has captured headlines around the world.

Please note that this article, were it written about alleged torture in the US or at Gitmo, would not use quotes around the word torture. As written, it reads as though the reporter seriously doubts the allegations and considers them a joke. If the reporter were writing about detainees in the US, rest assured that this distinction and doubt would not be so obvious. Rather, they would assume that the torture was going on.
Twenty-year-old terror suspect Zakaria Amara was beaten by a guard after he giggled because he felt ticklish while being searched, alleged Kolinsky, who said the guard pinned his client to the ground, drilled his knuckle into the man's cheek and said, "Is this funny?"
Tortured for giggling when tickled? Call Amnesty International! Where is Human Rights Watch? Oh, the inhumanity!
Many of the conditions outlined by lawyers are standard practice, said Community Safety and Correctional Services Ministry spokeswoman Julia Noonan.
That sounds like a culture of torture to me. Those evil Canadians. They are worse than Saddam!
"All our institutions are lit 24 hours a day," said Noonan, who added the lights are dimmed in the evenings. "For security reasons, we need to ensure that proper supervision is possible."
Yes, those nasty torturous guards won't give those poor boys any peace. They want to be able to see them. Supervise them. What an outrage!
Twenty minutes of "fresh air and/or exercise" is also standard, and the
"standard dimension" solitary cells are expressly built for "one person."

That's barbaric! Can you imagine? Those evil Nazi-esque Canadians and their bloodlust. Shame, shame, shame. Have you no respect for human life? Only 20 minutes of fresh air per day, and the rest of the time those poor boys have to hold their breath. Reprehensible!

The 17 suspects face a variety of charges including knowingly participating in or contributing to terrorist activity, providing or receiving training for terrorist purposes and providing or making available property for a
terrorist activity.

The maximum sentence for participating in terrorism, training and making property available is 10 years in prison.

I bet it will be 10 years before they even go to trial. They may not even survive to trial! They'll probably "commit suicide" in their cells. What a travesty! Those evil Canadians! And their evil empire! You know they've been subjugating their indigent populations since the beginning of time, right?

(Now that my tongue-in-cheek display is over, please know that I mostly like Canadians. I am merely making a point here. Terrorists always make claims of torture when captured. It is rule #1 in the terrorist playbook. But, when these claims are made about the US, the world press assumes that the allegations are true. Anywhere else? They don't believe it. So, this post is merely a little tit for tat.)

(Another note: I could have done the namby-pamby wussy thing and said, "Most Canadians are just fine. It is just the evil imperial government that is to blame.")
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At 10:33 AM, Anonymous NE said...

Just so long as they're not flushing Korans down the toilet (clogs up the plumbing).


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