Thursday, June 01, 2006
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...
This week, the lovely ladies of the Demystifying Divas and the raw male power that makes up The Men's Club are tackling the subject of cheaters. More importantly, we are attempting to help you identify before-hand habitual and potential cheaters.

That would be cheaters with reference to relationships, not people who steal money from the bank when playing Monopoly.

I wish that I could say that I had no experience on this matter, but alas, I do.

The only way I can help you identify a cheater or a would-be cheater is to outline the following:

1. Are you aware of a history of cheating on his part? If so, trust me, you can't change a man. You have to love him as he is or let him go. If he is a cheater with a history of breaking hearts, nothing you can do will stop him. He can't help himself. He is compelled to love no one but himself and his goal is to spread his seed far and wide. If you know he has cheated, save yourself the trouble and walk away.

2. Does he treat the rules of life with a casual manner? I'm not talking about speeding or something like that. I mean, does he have his own fake boot for his car so that he never has to pay for parking? Does he come up with schemes to cheat local stores and service providers? Does he make it his life's work to work every angle and get something for nothing? Does he treat every transaction and encounter like a game, where it is up to him to bring home the victory, at any cost, in the last two seconds of the game? Does he take a penny from the "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" cup all too frequently, but never leave a penny? Is he selfish and put himself always before you? Does he act as though he is entitled to all the good that life has to offer, even at the cost of everyone else? Does he commit acts of petty theft? Does he cheat in other aspects of his life, pawning off the work of other's as his own? Is he habitual liar, lying about anything and everything, for no apparent reason? Does he tell fantastic stories about things that have happened to him that portray him in a glimmering light that seem to outrageous to be true? Is he the kind of guy who would take a dollar out of a blind man's cup, but leave a dime so that it would clink in the bottom? Does he try to run a scam on the dry cleaner or paper boy? I think you get the idea.

Here's the thing. You have to judge the man by the sum total of his behavior. Don't overlook the small stuff, either. He may be a perfect gentleman to you and treat his mother like gold, but if he would steal from a blind man, he could be a cheater.

In my experience, this type of person is self-centered and obnoxious. If he isn't decent to those around him, honey, eventually he will stop being decent to you. I'm not talking about occasional rudeness, but everyday concerted machinations intended to enrich him, monetarily or otherwise, at the expense of others. When this guy gets his pockets full, he'll be looking to shed his pants. Rest assured, this is the guy that is always looking for the BBD - Bigger, Better, Deal.

You deserve better.

Now, for more insight into what a cheater looks like, go visit the other delightful darling divas and the macho men. Special mention should be made about WitNit who has gone and moved into some new digs, courtesy of our favorite web designers.
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