Thursday, June 22, 2006
Yeti Gams vs. Teen Wolf Tuft
Thursday? Again? Then I must tackle another hard-hitting question from the files of the Demystifying Divas and The Men's Club and do my part to bring about better understanding between the sexes.

Today's question: Hairy legs on girls vs. Hairy backs on boys...Compare and contrast

I am not a fan of an unshaved leg. Particularly my own. I feel sexier when my legs are cleanly shaved and lotioned. I would say that I am sexier when my legs are freshly shaved, because sexy is all in the attitude. I don't think that you have to be clean shaved everyday, though. In winter, when nobody is viewing your gams, I think shaving twice per week is adequate for most girls. In summer, however, I think you need to be a bit more on the spot with your Lady Bic. You don't want to scare the people on Main Street into believing that Yeti has come down from the mountains for a dip in the pool, do you?

Hairy backs are not particularly attractive to me. I'm not suggesting that a man go to the wax, however. I think that he should find a woman willing to put up with his fur. They do exist. If, however, his hair back there makes him uncomfortable physically or self-conscious in anyway, I would urge him to do something about it. I personally have a very thick head of hair on my head. It can build up a lot of excessive heat. I can't imagine trying to put up with that on my back. Not to mention the way your clothes would look over a tufted pile a la Teen Wolf...but even so, I think it is a personal decision.

To me, the two things are only alike in that they are both hair growing on bodies. Leg hair is a regular maintenance item while most men can safely ignore the few stray hairs growing on their backs. While I do not personally find the look of the hairy-backed "barely-evolved past the mouth of the cave" look, I understand that some women might. I also do not wish to impose my personal hygiene dictums on an entire sex who I personally prefer a little rough around the edges. That said, if you look like a character from Monster's Inc., we might need to have a discussion before you crawl into my bed.

GO! See where the other darling divas and manly men come down on this topic.
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