Thursday, June 15, 2006
Take it off -- Take it all Off!
Wow. My brain is fried. I totally spaced on the fact that it is Thursday and I must comment on the weekly Demystifying Diva and Men's Club approved topic.

I'm afraid that this snuck up on me, so it may not be particularly interesting to read.

This week we are answering the following thinker: What is the sexiest thing a man or woman can put on and what is the sexiest thing a man or woman can take off?

Maybe this won't be so hard afterall.

The sexiest thing Prince Charming can put on is his black Ralph Lauren shirt and his faded jeans with a bit of that sporty deodorant that drives me crazy. Oh, and a devilish grin.

The sexiest thing he can take off? Everything listed above except the devilish grin. Or, whatever it is that he is currently wearing.

I'm pretty flexible.

Go see what the other lovely ladies and those and our favorite men have to say on the subject.
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