Friday, November 10, 2006
More Disrespect of Flyover Country from Charles Rangel
This shouldn't surprise anybody, but Charles Rangel has gone out of his way once again to show what a non-thinking arrogant idiot (via Michelle Malkin) he really is.

To that end, he sketched out an expansive federal agenda: Teaming up with
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on gun control, passing new tax incentives for urban job programs, and redirecting federal money to New York in return for the outsize tax collections that the federal government makes here.

“Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?” Mr. Rangel said.

Emphasis mine.

You can expect even more disrespect like this now that his stature and that of other Democrats has increased. As far as most of them are concerned, anything between Chicago and Los Angeles is wild territory filled with crass, bible-thumping, flag-waving, rednecks. The thing is, every state in the union is important. Each state has important gifts that she contributes to this nation. No state should be demeaned and dismissed in this casual way - in particular not by someone who represents another state.

But, can you honestly admit that while he said "Mississippi" that Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Indiana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, or any other middle-of-the-country states could easily be interchanged in his statement? He's an ass. And, he's not alone.

Maybe if you only eat Kobe Beef and sushi you don't need Kansas Beef and Bread, but that doesn't mean that nobody needs it. The impoverished of this nation - who the Democrats claim to defend (but not eat lunch with) - need the flyover country for the food it puts so very cheaply in their mouths. But that uncomfortable fact is not something that Charles Rangel likes to talk about in front of a camera. This is my problem with the Democratic party. They aren't like me.

John Kerry's wife had never been in a Wendy's. John Kerry doesn't know that the Green Bay Packers don't play football at a St. Louis airport. John Kerry thinks that our American Servicemen and women are stupid, uneducated dolts. It is all so...Marie Antoinette - Let-them-eat-cake.

If somebody is going to represent you, I think they should be familiar with how you make your living and not be dismissive of the way that you live. If I don't dine on truffles and Cristal every night, I don't think my representative should. Frankly, I'd like him to make Hamburger Helper a staple in his diet so that he understands about living within your means (not crying because jet fuel has gotten so expensive and the weekend trip to Aspen get my point, I think).

But, Democrats don't learn well. Example 1: the minimum wage. Democrats in Congress have announced their intention to raise the minimum wage not that they are in charge of the agenda. Nevermind the fact that while raising the minimum wage may increase the money in the pockets of the employed minimum wage earners, it has a nasty way of reducing the number of available positions. You need look no further than Madison, WI for the proof in the pudding on that. Madison has been passing and trying to pass a number of anti-business measures, including an increase of the local minimum wage and mandatory paid sick days for hourly workers. Locally, business owners have had enough and many are unhappy. I guess the Democrats feel that more money in the pocket of one and no money in the pocket of another is the best solution. Of course, they won't forget that second guy - he can go on welfare and you and I will put money in his pocket.

I'm against a minimum wage in principal as well. I feel that a job should pay what the market will bear. You prove your worth and move up the compensation scale because of your own value. Nothing is a better stimulus of ambition than an empty wallet. I'd like to see more ambition, that's all.

But, I digress. It seems that a Representative Chip Pickering of Mississippi took offense at good ol' Charlie's comments and replied:

“Last year, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Coast. We have been working hard not only to rebuild our own homes and communities, but also to repair and protect the network of refineries, pipelines, and transmission grids that supply energy, gas, and oil to the rest of the country, including New York. If Mr. Rangel believes those efforts required more than our fair share of federal money, he is welcome to send that energy back to our state and find an alternative supply..."

Again, emphasis mine. Yeah, New York, why don't you send that energy back along with the food grown in those contemptible flyover states. See how that works out for ya, and be sure to thank your Honorable Representative for the gifts.


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