Friday, December 08, 2006
Breaking Local News!
Just moments ago, here in downtown Cottage Grove, WI, a car has crashed through the front of Dollar General.

As of this moment, the tail end of a burgundy late-eighties model Buick are visible to the gawkers. The brake lights are lit up and the glass from the front windows of the store are hanging and impeding the driver's door from opening.

Oh! Now we have a deputy, a super-duper firetruck, and the Chief's truck on scene.

Oh! Now the fire department members are rolling the car out of the gaping hole. An elderly woman, her silvery hair flashing in the light, is exiting the vehicle. She is walking. Appears to fine, from our vantage point from the tallest building in town, based on her command of motor skills.

Man! This is pretty exciting for a Friday in the Grove.

And now, reports are funneling in that the elderly lady driver of the car is fine, if shaken, and that there were no injuries inside the store.

This is Phoenix, reporting live from Cottage Grove.

Back to you, Bill.


posted by Phoenix | 10:17 AM


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