Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Today's Pet Peeve
Maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe my mind is slipping. Maybe I'm so super-tired that my brain is processing image and sound and different speeds.

These are the thoughts that run through my brain sometimes when watching television commercials and the main reason for this post. Perhaps you have noticed it too?

There is a national commercial spot running these days in the sound is not synced-up with the video. Have you seen it? The woman is talking, but the sound coming forth does not match what her lips are saying. The sound is slow, if I remember correctly.

In any event, I can't even tell you what product it is they are trying to sell. The oddities in the video/sound sync in the commercial are so distracting, I spend the whole time trying to figure out what is wrong. I'm not listening to the message. I'm not admiring the product. Instead, I spend the 30 seconds trying to figure out if I'm going crazy. If maybe my brain is fried. But, soon enough the next commercial begins and all is right with the world again.

I have to think that it would be a more effective ad campaign if it didn't annoy, distract, and make people question their brains. I mean, hard to sell a product when people are so distracted by the message delivery that they don't take the message in. But then, I'm not in the ad game, so what do I know?

Move along now, I'm fine.


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