Monday, April 30, 2007
The Weekend
We had lovely weather here over the weekend. Saturday dawned crisp and bright and I loaded up Bunny Boop and hit the road for a very early morning trip to Home Depot. We arrived at the home improvment mecca at 7:15 a.m. Prince Charming met us about 15 minutes later. We spent 30 minutes choosing perennials for the north and south faces of the house and a few annuals for my front bed.

We were home by 8:30 and unloaded the Jeep and Car while Bunny napped. Prince Charming went to bed and Bunny and I did some dishes, went for a walk, and watched Noggin. We had grilled cheese sandwiches (cut into heart shapes because I'm that kind of mom) for lunch and then got Prince Charming out of bed.

We all went outside and got those flowers planted. Bunny wanted so desperately to help. But, in the end, she did little but manage to get really dirty. Ah well, kids will be kids, right? She had a lot of fun walking around in the yard and picking up mulch. Quite a bit of that ended up in the yard. I had all of the perennials planted in an hour and a half, but then had to take Bunny inside and put her down for her nap. Once she was asleep, I went back out and planted the front flower bed.

It looks like one of the perennials may not make it, but everything else looks really good. This week we will get the weed barrier and the new mulch down and that will all be done.

We are having a party on Saturday. Actually, it is a co-ed Tastefully Simple party. My friend has talked for years about doing a co-ed party like this, and now she has moved away and can't attend this one.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tastefully Simple, this is a company that does in-home sales like Tupperware, but the goods are food products. And, they are billed as Easy Gourmet foods (most of the stuff you add one or two things to make the dish). Some of the products are really good, others...I could do without them. My chief complaint is that the product line is so dip-intensive, and I'm not a big chip girl. I think I've maybe eaten 10 chips in the last 10 months - and those at Tastefully Simple parties.

So, at these parties, instead of passing around pieces of Tupperware and looking at things, you actually get to taste some of the products - 20 or 22 of them anyway. Because the new Spring-Summer product line emphasizes grilling, we are doing the co-ed thing. And, because if we are going to throw a party, we are going to throw a party!, we aren't simply doing the dip-intensive tasting.

Instead, some of the products will be tasted on chicken, some on beef, and even some on shrimp. We're even going to showcase some of the product on grilled potato wedges, so that will be different. Of course, I've got a million things to do before then, but we'll see...


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