Monday, August 13, 2007
In Response to Anonymous
First thing this morning I was accosted by the note below (reprinted in entirety from the original, not a word has been altered or omitted) from Anonymous with regard to this post from May 18, 2005.

The original post was about the Madison, WI city council voting to approve low interest home loans to illegal aliens. It appears that Anonymous wanted to bitch slap me over it. Here is what Anonymous wrote:

These people are paying for your social security and will never benefit from it. They are getting a loan to buy a house (non exactly anti-social behavior) as long as they take the risk of being randomly deported and agree to pay money that will go to your kids social insurance. You make me shudder with the creeply xenophobic evil wierdness about immigrants wrapped in kitch kook language.

To quote one of your other postings "I am the Fucking Grand Master of Bitch."
I can only say yes indeed - you are.

Why is it Americans of such evidently common origins rush to view points such as those expressed by you?

Your mannerisms and politics are very assumed and false I speculate when you were in high school you tried very hard to fit in and worked hard on a false, shallow and ultra conformist persona. Camoflage to hide your real self maybe so the other kids would not find out about something -your family probably. Was the problem money or something else? From from a insecure teenager a shallow and mean moth came.

Does creating additional layes of misery and poverty help you to psychologically distance yourself from your mud caked origins?

Altogether this blog is very yuck. I only came here because I googled for Wisconsin! It's like finding a piece of rotten peach at the bottom of the intetnet fruit basket.

I've said a quick prayer that all your children may marry Mexicans.

You husband sounds like a bit of a dork in my opinion. My opinion is formed by your writings so I wonder if somehow you actually resent or dislike him, you seem to need to consult with him before you form an opinion and when talking about the secretary of state you refer to rape compeltely out of context.

I smell a divorce.

You know, this is not quite as ugly as it gets, but it gets close. Anonymous still needs to ramp up the hate, but he/she has the personal attacks down pat.

Now, most of the time I just reject comments like this because I don't like to invite hatred into my own house, but this time I'm going to respond.

First, on the merits of the original post:

Look, my problem with the city and/or state making low-interest home loans available to illegal aliens is that, first and foremost, it is unfair. The subsidization of these loans comes at some cost and that cost must be absorbed by the law-abiding taxpayer. This practice goes out of its way to encourage illegal behavior and actually benefits a law breaker in a monetary way. You'll note that there is no such special loans for regular law-abiding citizens just for being law-abiding citizens. And this offends me. It identifies a subset of the population and gives them special benefits that the people who are paying for it are not eligible for. For example, I pay into the system and should I need it, social services will be there to help me pick up the pieces and rebuild my life. But, in this case, because I am not in this country illegally, I am not eligible for these special loans. Is that fair? I don't think so. Moreover and more importantly, these self-same loans are not available to legal immigrants who arrived in this country on the same day as the illegal immigrant, so it is discriminatory.

Furthermore, this practice provides no enticement to following a path to lawful citizenship. It practically encourages a permanent underclass and this is truly loathsome. Anonymous takes me to task as some sort of racist hater of brown people but nothing could be further from the truth. Being a conservative doesn't mean you are a racist. On the contrary, I simply feel that the playing ground should be level and even for all players.

Anonymous says that these illegal immigrants are "paying for your social security and will never benefit from it." I call bullshit on two counts. First, they aren't paying for me. I am paying for me. I am also investing in my own future because I have absolutely zero expectation that Social Security will still be around when it is my turn to retire. So, any suggestion that the illegal immigrant is paying my way is absolutely and completely false. Secondly, the notion that they won't benefit from paying into the system is also dubious. The recent immigration reform bills that were before Congress included a way for illegal immigrants to claim the social security that they paid in, so don't try to pull the wool over my eyes.

Now, to the personal attacks...

Apparently Anonymous has misconstrued my desire for a level playing field and twisted it into xenophobic racism. Frankly, I don't care what color anybody is or where they come from. But, I do expect that if you are going to live in this country that you do so in such a way that abides by the laws of the land. My family - both sides - immigrants. On my father's side, we came to this country before the Revolutionary War. On my mother's side, we came to this country around WWII, I believe, in response to persecution. The suggestion that I am xenophobic or afraid of brown people is ridiculous and I would suggest that Anonymous's own words suggest a deeper hatred of his/her fellow man than I can claim.

For instance, Anonymous refers to my "common origins." It that isn't class-ist and elitist enough for you, perhaps his/her aspersions to my "mud caked origins" will be. Those are the words of a bigot, not mine. Those are the words of someone with some pretty nasty prejudices. If you read this blog for any time at all you will quickly realize that I'm not about color, I'm about action. I seek justice and equality before the law. To suggest that my "origins" are "common" or "mud caked" reveals a hell of a lot more about you than it does about me. And, while we are on the subject, your "prayer" that all of my children will marry Mexicans - again, more hatred from you, cloaked in some sort of bastardized piety masquerading as an insult, let's be clear: if my children decide to marry they will be free to choose whomever they wish. I will accept and love my children's spouses as I should. If they are Hispanic it will honestly make no difference whatsoever to me. They can be martians for all I care. I am only going to be concerned with whether the person(s) are of good character, law-abiding, and will treat my child well. Thank you, Anonymous, for your concern, but I'm not all that concerned.

As to your opinion that this blog is "very yuck", well, I would invite you to search out some other den in which to spew your hatred and your bigotry. You are not welcome here. By all means, click somewhere else.

Let's get back to the personal attacks, shall we?

You take issue with my manners and my politics labeling them - how did you put it? - oh, yes "very assumed and false." I would suggest that you sir/madam could do with assuming some manners yourself. And, as to my politics, there is no "right" and "wrong" in politics. My politics may not meet with your approval, but it is quite clear to me at least, that I neither need nor want your stamp of approval, bigoted as you are and impolite as you are. This is still a free country and I am entitled to my opinion, the free expression of it, and there's nothing in the Constitution that says I have to seek editorial approval from Anonymous, thank god!

As to my high school years, which you trot out as some sort of window to my soul, your arguments are specious and laughable. I've not met a high school student yet who didn't try to fit in with others in high school - at least in some way. I did work hard - at my studies - and I think if you ask around you'll find that I'm not the conforming boob you believe me to be. Why, because if I were, surely by now, as a conformist, I'd be espousing your views...right? So, color me a flower of a different hue, will you? I never camouflaged or hid who I was, despite your suggestions otherwise. All of my friends knew exactly who I was. And let me assure you that I wasn't just another one just like them. I freakin' was the different one in the group! It isn't easy being the farm girl who lives in the Chicago suburbs. I was made fun of for my clothes, my projects, and yes, even my views. And yet, I managed to come out of high school with my head held high knowing that I was still me.

I hide no deep dark family secrets. I am proud of my family and would never seek to hide anything about it - except for from creepy internet stalkers like yourself, that is. And, let's take you to task on that insecure teenager - mean moth bit...I've never known a teenager who wasn't insecure - and frankly, your hate is a lot more vile than mine. Seems to me you are a hell of a lot "meaner" than me. Because, I'm still attempting to answer your vile accusations with a degree of etiquette and grace while you used a chainsaw.

You ask if "creating additional layers of misery and poverty help to psychologically distance" myself from my "mud caked origins." First, I neither invented misery or poverty nor do I seek to perpetuate them. Frankly, you are the one spreading misery - I just want everyone to be treated equally within the law. I don't think breaking the law should confer special status, that's all. And, the only thing I want to distance myself from is you and my attempted rapist.

Lastly, I don't give a flying fuck what you think of my husband or my marriage. We are blissfully happy, in love, and that's enough for us. He is a much better person than you are, I can assure you of that much based on nothing more than your elitist, class-ist, insufferably superior, I-know-better-than-you self. I neither resent nor dislike him - that's so funny my ribs hurt - on the contrary, I adore him. He is the light of my life, my anchor, my peace. And I can't wait to tell him that you think I consult with him before forming my own opinions - he's going to laugh for days on that little ditty. The truth of the matter is people find me too opinionated, not some sort of opinion lemming, so thanks for the giggles!

I'm not sure what that last sentence was supposed to be about, but I've already put too much time into responding to your asinine rudeness to bother to research and refute it. Yes, I was almost raped in college. Yes, as experiences go it was one that changed my life and altered my viewpoint forever. But, your crass bigoted hate doesn't deserve a single detail or any sharing on my part on that item. Why? I don't need to be victimized again, thank you very much.

So, in conclusion, I would again entreat you to not visit this site further, hating the content as you do.


The Grand Master of Bitch

P.S. Just for the record, I could have been much nastier and loaded my response with invective and personal attacks. I considered it, but instead chose the high road and class. You might try it sometime.


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At 12:48 PM, Blogger Caltechgirl said...


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you have Anon quite well in hand, allow to me to add that I practice Social Security law and aliens do, in fact, receive benefits. For Social Security disability purposes, they receive Title II benefits if they have paid in and obtained "insured" status and if they did not pay a cent into the system and *claim* to have less than $2,000 in assets then we pay them Title XVI Supplemental Security *payments.*

In fact, we pay over 1/2 a billion dollars a year to aliens, most of whom did not pay a red cent into the system.

I find that an out rage!!

Carry on, Phoenix!

You go, girl!


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Oddybobo said...

Well done, well done indeed!

At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what you look like, but your writing turns me on! Heh, heh. Very nice.


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