Friday, August 03, 2007
Tuesday's Adventure: Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
Tuesday was a wonderful if blistering hot day. I took the day off of work and went with a friend and her two kids to the Milwaukee Zoo with Bunny Boop. This was Bunny Boop's first zoo experience and I was keen to see what she thought of the animals.

You see, we are not a pet-friendly household. There are a number of reasons, but they are summed up pretty easily as a) our home was a significant and serious investment and we love it and do not want it sullied by animals, b) we don't spend a lot of time at home during the day and getting back to the house to let an animal relieve itself mid-day is an impossibility, and c) I grew up on a farm and personally feel that animals should have plenty of room to roam free and accomodating my personal feelings on a and b would mean subjecting an animal to the biting wind of the Wisconsin Winter and I'm just not that cruel.

Anyway, we don't have pets at home, but Bunny does have some experience with cats and dogs we've run into in our varied travels. Mostly she is intrigued by these animals. So, I thought the zoo would be a good trip. Bunny wasn't all that impressed. She had more fun climbing on the benches and on the jungle gym. She enjoyed the carousel and really liked the train, but the animals didn't really impress her, at least not on this trip. I suspect that her indifference was due to the fact that many of the animals were so far away from us. She liked looking at the big fish, but other than that, eh.

The one exception was at the petting zoo. We entered that area to feed the goats. Not knowing what her reaction would be, I opted to keep the fence between us and the goats for the feeding. This was a wise choice, I think. Bunny really liked the idea of the goats and the idea of feeding the goats. She drew the line, however, at letting that goat's tongue and teeth get anywhere near her hand. It was funny and cute. Next year will be better, I'm sure. In the meantime, we have another zoo trip planned for the end of the month - this time to Brookfield Zoo in the suburbs of Chicago. Should be fun! I just hope it isn't quite so hot on that day.


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