Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Reason #10,999 Why Wisconsin Sucks
Last night on the news I hear an intriguing teaser about illegal aliens in Madison, WI getting help buying homes.

Prince Charming and I looked at each other with that, "Did I hear that correctly?" look. You know the one: the skeptical arched eyebrow and open question in the eyes.

But then this morning I stumble across this article by Channel 27 News and learn that I shouldn't have doubted it.

In a 15-4 vote, Madison City Council members approved providing illegal
immigrants with low interest home loans. Alderperson Zach Brandon added a
substitute motion. Under the proposal any undocumented worker applying for
a low interest loan needs to provide a federal identification. This would
prove the applicant pays social security, even though they may never receive

Wisconsin's housing authority, or WHEDA, is the first state in the nation to implement a program offering low interest loans to illegal aliens, or "undocumented workers". Now some Madison alders want the City to implement a similar program. Madison's program would allow the approved applicants to get a low interest loan for up to 95% of the home cost. Other low income residents can get 100% of the cost of a home financed with a Community Development Block Grant through the city.

So once again, the regular law-abiding citizen gets it in the ass. Providing illegal aliens with low interest home loans? So again, it is better to be here illegally than be a natural born citizen. As a matter of fact, it is the citizen who ends up footing the bill again. This is ridiculous!

What the hell?
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