Monday, November 12, 2007
I'm still light-headed
We spent the weekend painting at Chez Phoenix. It was a lot of work. Fortunately for me, my mother and step-father came to help. They were immensely helpful and I can't possibly thank them enough. I'm just glad it is done!

The walls turned out more peachy than I expected, and the Candlelight finish didn't turn out exactly as I expected, but it is okay. It is growing on me. I have pretty much decided against doing the same finish in the living room, however. Instead I am leaning toward a different finish with cafe au lait as the color.

Anyway, we took it easy yesterday (that is, after we finished cleaning up the mess and putting all the furniture back in place). It took a while to clean up, but we finally marked some quality couch time. I hope you had a good weekend too.
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