Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Midwest Airlines: Best Domestic Carrier
I am not being paid to post this.

I love Midwest Airlines. They really are "the best care in the air."

This airline is really going the extra mile for its passengers. When booking, I was unable to get three seats together for the first leg of our journey. When I spoke to the airline, they assured me that they would find a way for either me or my husband to sit with Bunny Boop. When we arrived at the airport, I started to get into one line for check-in, but a kind Midwest staff member assured me that as we were traveling with a toddler, we should be in the special line. Amazing thing #1.

When we reached the ticket counter, I brought the seating problem to the attention of the lady who was checking us in and asked her if she could find at least two seats together. Did She! She seated Bunny Boop and I in seats 1 A&B and put Prince Charming in 2B. Amazing thing #2.

The flights were easy, the staff was accommodating, the flight was on time...Amazing things #3-5.

And then, on our return flight last night, they brought us some of those fresh-baked, still-gooey, chocolate chip cookies. Amazing things #6-10,000,000! (Those cookies are AMAZING!)

If you can book your next flight on Midwest, I highly recommend it.

Oh, and for the record, in my book, the second-best domestic carrier is Jet Blue.
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