Friday, December 07, 2007
Phoenix is a Dumbass
Do you remember not too long ago when I was bemoaning my single-oven-ness? I had this hypothesis about why my chocolate snowflakes weren't baking correctly on convection bake. It seemed like a reasonable hypothesis. But, as every student of the scientific method knows, a great many reasonable hypotheses prove false in the testing.

Such is the case with my situation.

When my original three batches of snowflakes were baking all wonky, I scrapped the two trays that had come out of the oven flat and tossed them out. I wrapped up what remained of the dough and stuck it in the fridge for the next attempt. Then I made two more batches of dough.

Fast forward to last night. I was exhausted, but feeling energized because I had just successfully added my husband's new shuffle to our itunes account and loaded it with music, so I preheated teh ol' oven and gave it a whirl.

I took out one of the packages of remaining dough and used it up. They came out of the oven...flat. Again. Not on convection, but regular bake. But, they were puffier than the last batch, so I got out so of the new dough and prepped another cookie sheet. First, of course, I used up the last of the old dough, then finished with the new.

Eureka! This new sheet, when out of the oven, was a stark dichotomy. Some of the cookies were perfectly plump. Other, sad little cookies, were flat like roadkill.

The hypothesis, she is false. Out with the old, in with the new: Dumbass must have accidently left out the leavening agent in the first triple-batch of dough. There's no other explanation! So now, I'm going to go home tonight, bake off the rest of the good dough, throw out what's left of the bad, and make another batch of dough to bake tomorrow.

I hate it when it turns out I'm the problem in the kitchen. I was so much happier thinking the recipe didn't lend itself to convection bake.


So, here's the baking schedule for the weekend:


Bake remaining snowflakes
Make another batch of snowflake dough
bake thumbprints


Grocery shopping
make chocolate covered peanuts
bake chocolate mint marvels
bake last batch of snowflakes
bake peanut blossoms

make holly
bake lemon sex cookies
sort cookies into tins and prep for shipping.

Oh, yeah, and somewhere in there I need to wrap presents, do Christmas cards, and clean house.

But hey, by Tuesday I'll be enjoying the season.


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At 12:34 PM, Blogger Christina said...

Oh, bless.

I *hate* when that happens.

; )

Are you going to give the convection another whirl?


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