Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Highly Recommended
How often do I come out and tell you that you need to go out and buy something?

How often do I recommend a product?

Not too damn often.

Today, however, is different. (For the record, I am not a paid sponsor or endorser of this product - all comments and opinions are my own.)

Over the weekend I purchased the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. This product has saved my life. Okay, that may be a bit strong. Let's just say that it has changed my life.

I am a thirty-something woman and am beginning to see my skin suffer small reverses. I have tiny little lines under my eyes (I call them toddler lines) and my skin isn't quite as elastic as it used to be.

I have always been skin-conscious, only wearing quality cosmetics, and dutifully following a regular skin care regimen. It is good to start these skin care habits when you are young so that they are habit. But lately I have found that the ol' routine isn't yielding the same results. I am, in short, growing older.

Now, I'm not one of those women who is considering surgery or botox. I don't think you can turn back the clock, but I have no problem slowing it down, either. I, like so many women, have used high-end cosmetic answers to the aging problems, but have often found the results unmeasurable. And, in fact, I've never been certain that I wasn't just throwing my money away on 2 oz containers of unguent with questionable qualities. Say that six times fast.

So, after watching the Diane Lane commercial on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, I decided to check it out. I like Diane Lane and she has lovely skin, but that had little to do with it.

I read the box at the store and picked one out. I took it home and followed the instructions. Basically, the contraption is a vibrator with a cleansing pad attached. The pad cleanses, but it also exfoliates. The entire face takes less than 10 minutes to treat and the results...?


I'm not even kidding. In a single treatment I found more visible results than I've ever seen in a single treatment (or 6-weeks treatment of anything else, to be honest). My skin absolutely glowed and felt...this is going to sound stupid...rejuvenated. The product literature says that you will "reveal noticeably softer, more luminous skin today" and they are not kidding. That's not advertising bs, that is the truth.

I had no sooner rinsed after my first use than I wanted to call all the women I know and tell them all about it. The really cool thing is that if you go to the website, you can register and get a coupon for the unit and another coupon for a refill on the puffs (the unit only comes with a single month's supply).

Here's the bottom line:

Real AMAZING Results from the first use

Continuing AMAZING Results that have a cumulative impact for younger more resilient and radiant skin

An incredibly affordable price, compared to other high-end products dubiously promising similar results.

Again, I have not been in contact with Neutrogena, this post has not been paid for; I am humbly telling my favorite women of a product that deserves a trial.

SpySistah, Mom, Christina: This means you. (Not there's anything wrong with any of you.)
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