Thursday, January 17, 2008
Jury Duty
In my morning surf, I learned that our good friend CalTechGirl has jury duty tomorrow. Good for her - she's going to go do her duty as a citizen.

I am less proud of the people in Greeley, Colorado. Why? Because they've been having trouble getting people to do their duty and serve. Less than 40 of the 200 people summoned showed up for service. And, because trials need to start so that there can be justice and shit, the judge wrote up emergency summons that were delivered to anybody they could find out and about on the street.

Here's the link, but I've excerpted below...
GREELEY – They roamed the streets of Greeley Wednesday morning with stacks of paper and an eye out for people they could summon to emergency jury duty.

Weld County and District Court staff handed subpoenas to more than 50 unsuspecting people, telling them they had to report for jury duty Wednesday morning because many of those summoned by mail did not show.


They say this is the third time in the last two months they've had to take such extreme action. Before December, they believe it had not happened in 15 years.

Judges and administrators will be meeting to discuss what to do with all those no-shows.

What is wrong with these people? Don't they have any respect for the law of the land or any sense of personal responsibility? They suck. And, not just because they've unduly inconvenienced the other law-abiding citizens of Greeley. The suck on a grander scale than that.



I hope the bastards all get 200 hours of community service.

It is one thing to decline due to being 8 and a half months pregnant or getting married that day, but this sounds like a more systemic problem. Bastards.
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At 8:47 PM, Blogger Caltechgirl said...

heh. Day two tomorrow. From the sheer number of folks in the courthouse, it's a shock that they ever have a shortage anywhere....


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