Tuesday, January 22, 2008
If Old Man Winter were alone in a dark alley, I'd so totally jump his ass.

This non-stop sub-zero cold weather and snow sucks. It was -14 degrees on Saturday according to the thermometer in the car. Minus 14. Do you know what that feels like? No? Well, neither do I. The pain receptors shut down somewhere before you reach that point.

It is so damn cold that Jack Frost went South for the winter. And that bitch, Mother Nature? She is laughing in Al the Goracle's "Global Warming" Face. Global Warming, my ass! We could use some global warming right about now. We got another 8.8 inches of snow between yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Those of you with zipcodes in Southern California and San Antonio should keep all comments about your own weather to yourselves, lest the state of Wisconsin descend upon you and take you out in an alley too!

It's so cold it is bringing out the mean in me!


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