Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Out of time, but...
Anonymous is holding my feet to the fire over a flippant remark I made at the end of a post a while back in which I said I "hate" Clinton. Just to clarify, the way that I wrote this was sloppy. I don't hate hate her, I just hate the idea of her as a candidate. So, this is not a personal thing.

Anonymous then suggests I should get in line and do the expected thing because Fred Thompson endorsed McCain last Friday. To this I say, "whoppee." Fred and McCain have been friends a good long time, and I'm sure that in Fred's eyes a President McCain is preferable to a President Obama. I would agree with him.

However, the mistake that Anonymous is making is in assuming that I'm some sort of mindless drone that is gonna do what I'm told to do. Frankly, I like to make up my own mind. Fred's endorsement merely tells me what I already knew: McCain is better than Huckabee. I am an independent thinker. Which, I believe I put in my last post on the matter. I'm not just going to shut up and fall in line.

I'm not that kind of girl.

But all of this is moot anyway. The question isn't whether I'm going to support Clinton or Obama. I'm not going to vote for either of them in the general. The question is do I take advantage of the opportunity presented in the Wisconsin primary and choose a better opponent for some eventual candidate that I will be willing to support.

But, I'm out of time so I'll have to continue my deliberations in private.
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